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My Planet

Welcome to My planet
This is a new NFT collectible card game
Here you can play and earn money

The basics of the game My Planet

Discover a new world based on blockchain. New entrepreneurial opportunities are opening up before you. Who you will be here depends only on you. Do you want to have your own factory or work at it? Or maybe you like a comfortable office, and have your own restaurant? My Planet (MP) gives you these features!

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Each MP playing card is its own NFT. Save them – you can improve each card to increase your advantages.


Get a job and get paid, just for being the owner of a worker's card. The workers are divided into rarities. The higher the level, the more the worker earns, but it is worth noting that each worker has his own skill that is suitable for a particular organization.
For example: An airplane pilot will earn significantly less in the hospital than the chief physician.



Do you own an organization? After all, this is an NFT game. Each organization, restaurant, office, factory, hospital, airport, gives you the right to receive % of the salary of workers. These are the main centers of the game. Each organization has its own characteristics.


You can increase your income. To do this, you can use the tool crafting system.

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With the help of the improvement system, you will be able to cross tools and organizations or tools and workers. You will be able to get improved cards of organizations and workers, thanks to which you will increase your income!

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Play and earn

You will be able to use the token to:

  • discover new tools

  • change to Sol

  • and much more

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My Planet collectible cards. Each card has an individual number confirming the ownership right. You can collect them, improve them, craft them. You will be able to read even more about each card soon.


Road map

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This is only a small part of the information provided here.
The site will be updated and supplemented with new information about the game.
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